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airborne to look at an extraordinary effort by the u.s. military to save lives in the middle of the war, welcome aboard an air ambulance. >>> and germany wants a million electric vehicles on the road by 2020. we'll plug you in on how they plan to do it. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible, in part, by the following funders -- major support has also been provided by the peter g. peterson foundation dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. >> good evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> if you woke up this morning and turned on the news you might have felt a sense of discouragement about what you were hearing out of afghanistan and iraq. more than 5,000 american troops have died in those two countries since troops were deployed to afghanistan in the fall of 2001 and iraq in the spring of 2003. and hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent but all these years later neither country tonight seems especially secure. we'll take y
to look a an extraordinary effort by the u.s. military to save lives in t middle of the war, welcome aboard anir amlance. >>> d germanyants a million ectric vehiclesn the road by 2020. we'll plug you in on how they plan to do it. >>> fromhe world's leading reporters and analyst here's what's happeni from around the rld. this is "worfocus." made possible, in pa, by th following funder-- major support ha also been provided bthe peter g. peterson foundatio dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibity dddressing key economic allenges facing america's future. >> gd evening, i'm martin savidge. >>> if youoke up this mning and turnedn the news you might have felt a sense of discouragement aut what you were hring outf afghanistan and iraq. more tha5,000 american trps have die in those two countries nce troops were ployed to afghanistan in the fall of 2001 and iraq in e spring of 2003. and huneds of billions of dollars have been ent but all the years later neher country tonighseems especially secu. we'll take youo afanistan in a moment. there was more vience there day on t eve ofational elecons
-ed opinion piece in the "new york times" saying that the u.s. continues to need that stimulus, do everything that's important right now, but they have to keep an eye on the future, he says. estimate ewe husband and the net debt of the country is growing at 1 percentage point per month and that's something to worry about long-term. we'll talk more about that in a moment. taking a look at bond, the 10-year bund at this point trading down right now. the yield is lower at 3.27% ahead of the boe minutes which which are due out in the next hour. and also we've got the ten-year note here down to 3.45% having rallied at this point yesterday. taking a look at gold with a bit of dollar strength this morning, we are seeing a bit of gold weakness just a skosh, off 0.4% down about $3.85. joining us now is ivan mamale and simon grose-hodge in lichtenstein. simon, i want to start with you. in your notes, you say essentially the data that everyone has been pinning their recovery hopes on is starting to plateau. i'm wondering if you see the markets kind of in that same sort of stall pattern heading here into
on most of the roads. this is the beltway at u.s.-40. nonetheless as yet. no problems here. that is the latest on traffic. back over to you. >> our big story this morning. the search continues for two suspects who are trying to -- two suspects who allegedly beat a 76 for all fishermen. our reporter is live with that story. >> from severe head injury. police say his wife witnessedshe tells baltimore city police racial slurs and started beating the victim, leaving him with a severe head injury. to be raised. they are handling this case as a hate crime. park in the victim's truck. are able to locate its a few they were able to apprehend one suspect. >> the suspect jumped out and fled. with the help of a local citizen, they saw where one of the suspects went and called police. >> the suspect is a 28 year old who is a registered sex offender. his previous charges including rape and child abuse. we will tell you what police associating with african- americans. reporting live, wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. police continue to look for whoever opened fire on people in the pavilion
issues. >> thank you for inviting us to have this hearing. we are delighted to participate. virtually our entire economy, our defense system, depends on the electronic medication systems that are extremely vulnerable and under constant attack. the vast majority of the systems are owned and operated by the private sector. unfortunately, virtually all the economic incentives regarding cyber security favor the attackers. the area to defend is virtually a -- limitless. defense is difficult to coordinate an expensive compared to the return on investment. the good news is that we know a great deal about how to prevent and stop these attacks. the bad news is, we are just not doing it. price waterhouse coopers study of over 1000 companies found that those who follow the industry best practices could prevent almost -- and almost entirely mitigate the attacks against him. the 2008 date of age in the database breach report studied and concluded that 87% of the bridges could of been avoided if reasonable and identifiable security practices had been followed. the chief of intermission assurance for th
for joining us. today is wednesday, august 19th. angie goff is here. she has a traffic update for us. we say good morning to kim martucci. she's back and ready to go. >> i am rubber stamping yesterday's weather forecast today. i hope you don't mind. i'm not trying to put it in cruise control but we will be in one of those stagnating weather patterns where we have thunderstorms, high humidity and with that the heat. let's get testd,ar erod evon this -- it , is is wednesday. good morning. here's hour time lapse tower cam. we are okloing at the washington monument. you losee e thclouds leftov yay by. and now partly cloudy skies, it is 79 and the winds are calm and humidity is 74% at reagan national airport. as for the numbers, they run ye gamut from 75 in gaithersburg, already 81 in leesburg. it is 79 at quantico and looking south and west, culpeper has a pair of sevens on the map. this is what it feels like. when we factor in the humidity it feels warmer, middle 80s in the district and 82 in winchester. so, we will keep it humid. and rather warm this afternoon. by the lunch hour, we will alre
, pushing for a bill without a single republican vote. >>> also, deadly violence against u.s. forces and election workers in afghanistan just hours before the polls open in this country's critical presidential vote. we are on the ground seeing first hand what election officials are up against. >>> and a big-city city mayor is speaking out about the brutal beating that sent him to the hospital. but so far, the family of the accused attacker is also speaking and now conflicting stories are beginning to emerge about what really happened. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux in cnn's command center for breaking news in politician and extraordinary reports around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> first, we begin with breaking news. a decision reached in a case the u.s. has been watching very closely, trying to fervently influence. should a terminally ill man convicted in the bombing of pan am flight 103 be granted compassion nal release and be allowed to die at home? our cnn homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve is joining us live. what are we hearing abou
to help us prevent any incidents happening. >> reporter: never before would you see afghan police patrolling in american humvees. extra afghan security forces have been sent to the area. authorities are confident the taliban won't be able to stop voters from heading to polling stations. >> in case something happens, those will be i.d.s. which are difficult. or some sporadic shooting from outside of the city like from the districts but also we want to minimize those when we send forces to the district as well. >> reporter: the neighboring districts of kandahar city have a strong taliban presence, and thursday's voting day will show just how tight the noose is around this capital. zeina khodr, al jazeera, kandahar. >>> next door in helmand province offensive by american and british troops has been under way for a while. one immediate goal is to push back the taliban so that more people can vote thursday but as lindsay hilsum after decades of warfare many afghan citizens remain skeptical about the motives of the foreign troops and fearful of their own safety. >> reporter: coming into
use make up bethe declined eventually losing the election. a couple of years later he became the executive producer of the cbs evening news with walter cronkite. he is credited with coining the term anchorman and creating a look that for decades defined how information news was presented but his greatest reindication is no -- creation was 60 minutes the face of journalism. >> this is 60 minutes a kind of magazine for television. >> reporter: 6 a minutes was the first news program to become a top ten television show. it regularly made headlines with stories ranging from hard- hitting investigative pieces to interviews with the famous and the notorious. the show won every award in the book. >> you're running the piece. >> tell me a story, hewitt would demand. he had an instinct for knowing what the average american likes to watch. he carefully scrutinized every script. the show remained on top for more than 30 years. hewitt had already celebrated his 80th birthday when in 2004 he officially stepped down as head of 60 minutes. but don hewitt remained in the cbs family, lending h
>>> this is a great show here today. thank you for joining us. i'm jamie costello along with susan. >>> blaine and her mom claire have the sale to end all sales, started a consignment business. two years ago. right? it's called the we cycle market. tell me how much. now look away. i'll show the audience here. see the price tag on that? go ahead, nina, how much do you think this is selling for? >> i'm going to go with -- probably $40. >> no! >> no? if i find it in a regular store. >> yes. this is $10. >> wow. this one quick without looking? see it? now, take a look. audience. how much do you think this will go for? jumper for a little boy. >> probably $20 when you figure in you have a little undershirt. >> $3. >> 3? >> there you go. >> i'm shopping at the wrong places. >> they have 15,000 items they will sell and bob barker will be with them, too. >>> christine epps is here, she's going to tell us how local stores can beat the big giants. >>> dr. brian bonner is here from gbmc. our sleep expert. are we getting enough sleep or not? >> not enough. >> not enough sleep. don't go to s
that democrats are using that as an excuse but maybe republicans are giving them one to push forward without them. >> ed henry, if this is true and seriously under consideration it seems a far cry from what we were hearing over the weekend from the white house, from kathleen sebelius, from the president himself, from robert gibbs talking about the public option being one of several things and the key thing is competition and choice. to go from that to suddenly moving forward ramming this thing through it seems like all day today they have been saying nothing is changing. it seems like a lot has changed. >> you are right. that is why they are not pulling the trigger tonight on this. over the weekend it was about the president showing flexibility saturday night on the town hall. maybe there won't be a public option. kathleen sebelius leaving the door open to no public option. she didn't close the door either. that was about trying to bring in kent conrad, a conservative democrat like ben nelson in the senate, show flexibility. if they ram this through with this procedural motion that will close tha
and thank our sponsors, major sponsors, thank them very much for supporting this conference for us today and making it very possible for all of us who are here today. i'm going to make my speech very short, because i really am excited about the lineup that we have for you for the next several days. i think we have some of the experts without a doubt, and if we were doing the -- some type of awards ceremony, i probably would have a black tie on and everything and introducing them, because i think we have the cast for you that will be to present i think the message thaw want to hear and deliver the information you need in terms of what you're doing for the business at hand. i would like to acknowledge and welcome all the individuals, agencies and countries who are participating in today's international swine flu conference. the outcome of this important conference will truly be realized from your thoughtful engagement through the various breakout sessions and the critically important information that will be shared by my new found colleagues today, with you being here, and the esteemed spe
underway. >> it is serious that we use the police department's resources in a critical area. boat, the helicopter. >> and the commissioner has questions. >> questions about, you know, what resources were used. how were they used. who was involved. >> now there are some cries for cardin to step-down. >> personally, i think he should resign. if this is how he conducts state business. i mean, he should not be representing the people of baltimore county. >> we tried don be tact john karr deny. one of the aides said he is out of state on a trip. he will be back in town on monday. however, he did issue a statement. >> cardin states, i should have considered that city resources would be involved and used better judgment to put a stop to it. >> he has contacted me and offered an apology for putting the baltimore police department in, you know, this kind of predicament and spotlight. >> in canton, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> cardin offered to pay all costs incurred for the stunt. >> a baltimore man is extraditeed to germany to face charges of murder and rape 25 years ago. rob
. that does it for us today. hope to see you back here tomorrow. >>> the news continues with don lemon in the "cnn newsroom." >>> breaking news, smoke rises over baghdad. the iraqi capital rocked by six bombings in a matter of minutes. cars toppled like toys. >>> a tornado tears right through beaumont, texas. our severe weather coverage updates hurricane bill. >>> plus, not model behavior. a blogger who verbally attacked a model will be outed. good morning, i'm don lemon. heidi's off today. it is wednesday, august 19th. and are you in the "cnn newsroom." >>> health care reform. a make-or-break month and what may and take it or leave it ultimatum. elaine quijano's at the white house with the bold move considering by democrats. dr. sanjay gupta is in the newsroom to break it down for you. he worked in the white house, the last time an administration tried to push through health care reform. >>> but first we start with break news out of baghdad. six bombings in one hour and at least 75 people are dead, hundreds more are wounded in this. some blasts went off near government buildings. it i
it for us. rick sanchez takes it from here. >>> coming at you right now, killed by a pack of wild dogs. the woman and her husband, he tried to save her. how does this happen? >>> on what planet do you spend most of your time? >> congressman barney frank tells the town hall crowd what he thinks. >> to be honest with you, i -- >> brutally honest or just plain brutal. >>> then, there is the nazi question. >> why do you continue to support a nazi policy? ma'am, trying to have a conversation with you would be like trying to argue with the dining room table, i have no interest in doing it. >> you will see the exchanges. >>> is this tina bill board offensive? >> there is a way to get your message across. >> i will ask roland martin in our new r and r segment. >>> and fotos, who would let their kid do this, flying into the national conversation? the first social media newscast for wednesday, august 19th, begins right now. >>> hello again, everybody. i'm rick sanchez with the next generation of news. it is a conversation. it is not a speech. it is always your turn to get involved. democrats who
they're going to have reconciliation, the idea of putting us through with democrats only. they want to hold that over the heads of this deal in order to encourage republicans to stay at the table. >> and what about any reaction yet to the numbers today? 59% of people polled in this quinnipiac poll saying they shouldn't do this alone. they want to see something bipartisan done. >> that's always an answer you're going to get from the public. the public always claims they want a shird party, too, if you ask them. wouldn't it be nice to have a third party to compete. you would get a big number for that, but this is one of those where the result is always going to look stronger and the idea of bipartisanship than reality. i guess i wouldn't take that poll question -- i wouldn't say that that poll question is the be all, end all issue. >> got you. thank you so much. good to see you. >>> and now, "the bigger picture." there's a whole new level of misinformation that seems to be stoking republican protesters showing up at town halls across the country. case in point, last night at a senior
inventory report has its impact on the market, bob pisani kicks us off with our coverage at the new york stock exchange. hi, bob. >> sue, in fact, those inventory levels did, in fact, move the market, moved energy stocks. but first i want to show you the s&p 500 here very quickly. we hit 990 on the s&p, and it moved up very quickly after that. i think that that was a little area that was very important for a number of traders. that's about where we closed yesterday, and so the bottom line here is, a little more volume here in these exchange-traded funds that track that s&p when it hit 990. remember, the volume is still on the thin side. you look at energy stocks, sue is right, oil inventory showed a draw down. and energy stocks, which by the way, have been basically going sideways for the last several months, also took off here. of energy stocks are the biggest sector in the s&p 500 moving to the up side. finally, deere earnings out, had the conference call. the story is pretty simple. they're expecting break-even earnings in this quarter. we were expecting a gain of 35 cents. the reason
, most of us probably can't recall many disasters occurring in the country. we haven't had any hurricanes yet although we have one barreling out in the atlantic in the last 24 hours. we haven't had many earthquakes that we can remember but yet we've still had 76 declarations this year that have been fairly routine types of disasters. so with that it's a great time for us to have this conversation. it's really a great honor for me to introduce nancy dranani, who is a buckeye which i'm proud to say as a fellow buckeye but even more importantly, you know, i had the privilege of sitting down with nancy and her team to really learn what it is ohio is doing to become responsible in this era and to be honest when it comes to emergency management and so as part of, you know, the book i wrote that we talked about, i have case studies and ohio is one of the case studies on disaster response because i call it an honest approach for emergencies and they do a fantastic job to decentralize even more so down to the local level to make sure that everyone from the individual to the lower government to the
in conference. and was that the message for us the next time around. what you see -- this is the from the other side of the toll booth, the cars that were on the other side coming toward us and we pointed out this one particular car and let me tell you what the punch line in case we ran out of time. you know, we were trying to make sure we had a way to get the cars through, get the paperwork done and as you'll see in a few minutes -- by the time they got to the toll booth, they had their window rolled down, their sleeve rolled up and nurses were in the toll booth, and we were getting people through seconds and not even minutes. i'll give you a punch line in a few minutes. you don't prepare for them. this car that you see here broke down. never thought about that. what do do you if a car breaks down in a line? and we quickly -- the medical director, myself the field director pushed this guy out of the way. but it made us recognize that there are things in congress congress -- in the planning. >> did they get their shots. >> yes. having them fill out paperwork so everything was done by the time
, like this former drug den that he took us into. >> we talk about practicing resurrection, this is part of it, we take abandoned places to life and make ugly beautiful. >> reporter: it is rough work. clayborn was jumped a few years ago and landed in a hospital with a concussion and a broken jaw. that's where his health care stepped in. >> you get this bill for $10,000 or $12,000 and we ended up paying $6,000 of it, and because, you know, i had thousands of thousands of people carrying that bill with me, i was -- i was able to just write -- you know, we just wrote a check for it. >> reporter: the ministry negotiated directly with his doctors to lower the bill. executive director, howard russell, says the core of their success is the 20,000 members who have met conditions that include not smoking and being a practicing christian. >> with everybody in america had the provisions that our members have, there wouldn't be a health care crisis. >> reporter: it's like a health care cooperative, a community-based, nonprofit organization owned by its members, a group that uses its strength in numb
twice. we'll explain it to you. we're glad to have you with us. happy hump day as we get halfway through the workweek. we're so grateful to have your company as always. we have learned today that a pioneer in the news business is dead. don hewitt, creator and longtime producer of cbs's "60 minutes" passed away today. his career at cbs spanned a staggering 60 years. he was probably best known for his 36 years as "60 minutes" executive producer. hewitt was 86 years old. certainly our thoughts going out to our colleagues at cbs and his family as well today. >>> a search is under way in katie, texas, for a police officer accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend who is also a cop. take a look at this picture here. investigators say rachel hillsman was dropping her children off at her mother's house yesterday when this man julio reyes abducted him. this is the victim in the case. take a good look. police helicopters are searching for them by air. s.w.a.t. teams and bloodhounds could join the search soon. the couple have a child together but they broke up months ago. friends say they had an argu
owner. jackie benson joins us live with detail jackie? >> the victim has been identified by police as 44-year-old of silver spring. he is believed to be the owner of the pizza business. the murder discovered 1:00 p.m. when d.c. police officers were called to check on the welfare of an employee at pizza mart. 4th and adam street in edgewood neighborhood. police say the business was locked up when they arrived. the first responding officers had to force their way in. it appears the man may have been killed the previous evening. >> we received a call 1:00. we do know it was open on a midnight shift last night. the last information we have. >> homicide detectives blanketed the area looking for information. the business has been for sale for some time. edgewood community activist call the crime tragic and set back for a changing neighborhood. >> it is horrific to live like this. that's what people are going to say. >> we have had violence many years. and this struck us hard to the core. to have, assassinations like this, it's going on. pizza mart customers we spoke to say they're saddened by
's suffering from terminal prostate cancer and he's asking to return to libya to die near his family. seven u.s. senators, including edward kennedy, have sent scottish authorities a letter demanding that he remain in prison. he was convicted of planting the bomb that caused the crash of pan am flight 103 in december of 1988. most of the passengers on that flight from london to new york were americans. 270 people in all were killed. >>> a soldier from virginia has been killed in afghanistan. sergeant first class william woods jr. was from chesapeake. woods died on sunday at a hospital in germany. he was shot two days earlier while on patrol in afghanistan. he was based in maryland. he was 31 years old. >>> the final equipment and battles are being delivered to most remote corners of afghanistan for use in tomorrow's presidential elections. the materials are delivered by truck as far as the roads go and then put on donkeys for the rest of the journey. the contest is between current president karzai the foreign minister. the strategy is to build alliances with tribal leaders. abdullah has been pro
100 people and injured hundreds more today. and the 130,000 u.s. troops in that country could do little to help. under the terms of the security agreement, demanded by the iraqi government. so, here's nick watt. >> reporter: today, this was a city under siege, as truck bombs and mortars struck at the heart of iraq's government. just before 11:00 a.m. the finance ministry was hit. the blast so strong, it destroyed a nearby highway. "my car was blown in the air," said this man. two minutes later, while politicians met inside the heavily-fortified green zone -- it was another truck bomb, outside the foreign ministry. nearly 50 killed, more than 250 injured. five minutes later, mortars struck the parliament and defense ministry. the security of baghdad is now the sole responsibility of iraqi security forces since the u.s. handed over control. >> we are very glad they left. we look forward for them to leave iraq altogether. >> reporter: u.s. troops are still stationed in and around the city, but they can only help if asked by the iraqis. today, those soldiers, aside from a handful of
he was 86. katie couric tells us the story of the man who made "60 minutes" tick. >> stop, stop. >> go from here. this gets fascinating. >> reporter: don hewitt had no problem divulging the secret behind the success of "60 minutes." he even made it sound simple. >> it's four little words: tell me a story. and that's all we do, tell them a story. >> reporter: while "60 minutes" may be his best-known accomplishment, it was his more than 60 years in news that defined the medium. >> i guess i'm sort of the ultimate television creature. i feel it, i live it, i breathe it. >> reporter: don was working as a photo editor for a wire service when cbs hired him in 1948. >> i.&a minute. what would a radio network want with a guy with picture experience?" they said "no, no, television." i said what vision?" on camera, which we'll illustrate tomorrow... >> reporter: they were making it up as they went along. don didn't even own a television. >> when i first came here in 1948, we did the news three nights a week: monday, wednesday and friday. >> reporter: soon he was directing shows for edward
mail us, news or text us at hlntv. start your message with the word prime. your chance to be heard. >>> controversy, opinion, your point of view. this is "prime news." >>> welcome this is "prime news," i'm mike galanos. >>> this hour, a live-in boyfriend and a mother sit behind bars, charged with first degree murder in the heinous killing of her own little boy. robert manuel's body was found floating in a canal near boise, idaho, on august 3rd. here are the suspects, melissa jenkins, she is 30, mother of two other kids, and her live-in boyfriend, daniel ehrlich jr., he is 36. criminal record goes back to junior high. now, they were arrested yesterday and the grand jury indictment was just unsealed today. details, horrific. police say little robert scuffered ongoing emotional abuse, physical abuse, so brutal, it ended up killing him. ehrlich jr., accused of torturing robert, beating him with his hands, feet, mom even helped, didn't help her son, so no one would find out or get him help. she did nothing. let's take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. joining us to talk about it d
to call. >> good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. in the last hour, investigators announce little haleigh cummings was not kidnapped by a stranger. that's right. it was no stranger that snuck into the home that night and snatched the little girl. >> i just got home from work. my 5-year-old daughter is gone. i need somebody to be here now. >> authorities investigating haleigh cummings disappearance announce baby-sitter misty is not giving them the whole story. after determining haleigh was likely not abducted by a stranger, investigators focused their attention on crosslin and her whereabouts that night. >> i got up because i had to use the bathroom. didn't make it to the bathroom. i seen the kitchen light on. i walked in the kitchen and the back door's wide open. >> right beside me on my left is the bed where misty was sleeping. and here on the right we had the bed where little haleigh was sleeping. and you can see it is all but about 3 1/2 feet from each other. and this is right where misty said she got up and she had to go to the bathroom in the mi
tomorrow. for all of us, we thank you for watching. good night from new york. coming up next, "campbell brown." >>> tonight, here are the questions we want answers. who's telling the truth and who is telling lies when it comes to health care reform? >>> we're cutting through the noise to get to the facts. plus tonight's news maker, michael jackson's doctor. he was with him when he died and could now face criminal charges. he is finally breaking his silence. >> i have done all i could do. i told the truth, and i have faith the truth will prevail. >>> reality bites, richard hatch, one survivor ended up in prison and survived. but now says he's broke. we have his story. >>> and aliens and ufo sightings, the british government releases their secret x-files. >> either this happened as the witnesses claim and a ufo landed near the military bases or all these americans air force personnel were hallucinating or making it up. >> tonight's big question, will conspiracy theorys be put to rest once and for all? >>> hey, everybody. those are the big questions tonight. but we begin as we a
's bygones be bygones. things really have not changed, however, in the u.s. senate. senator kent conrad, a democrat who's been at the center of the health care legislation debate, had this to say about the public option this weekend -- >> there are not the votes in the united states senate for the public option. there never have been, so to continue to chase that rabbit, i think, is just a wasted effort. >> no votes, never have been. that was sunday. senator conrad today is actually saying exactly the same thing. >> there have never been the votes in the united states for public option. that's just a fact. >> the white house may be back to supporting a public option, but the key democrats in the senate, democratic senators like kent conrad, no. they are not on board with the public option. they are saying it's not even possible. they do not seem to be changing their mind about it. not yet at least. but behold, in the other house of congress, in the house of representatives, we have spotted that rarest of all political animals, long thought to have been extinct. it is the liberal hardlin
advised mixon to use makeup, losing the debate when he appeared tired and pale and losing the election. years later he was the first executive producer of the cbs evening news. he is credited with coining the term anchor man. and creating the look defined how news was presented. but his greatest creation was no doubt 60 minutes. the show that changed the face of broadcast journalism. >> this is 60 minutes. it is a magazine for television. >> it was the first news program to be a top ten show. iting arely made headlines with stories ranging from investigative pieces to interviews with the famous and notorious. it won every award in the book. >> forget it this week. >> tell me a story, he would demand. he had an instinct for knowing what the average american likes to watch and scrutinised every scent. it was on top for more than 30 years. hewett had celebrated his 80th birthday when in 2004 he stepped down as head of 60 minutes. but he remained in the family lending his experience and expertise to the search for new ways to cover tv news. >> there will be more on the death of don hewett
insurance paid for by the government may be back on the table, and democrats may use an obscure budget manure that rams a bill through by a single vote. >> white house officials privately already laying the groundwork by saying, look, we've been working with republicans for months. if they don't get something done in the next few weeks, we're going to have to take drastic measures. one top adviser put it to me, if we have to push it through this way, no one's going to remember how messy it is. what they'll remember at the end of the day is that we got health care reform done. >> well, this shift in attitude is a significant change from what the obama administration had been saying over the weekend. correspondent richard lui explains what caused the about-face in less than ten minutes. >>> new this morning, three men stormed a bank in kabul in the latest incident of violence before afghanistan's election tomorrow. security forces killed the robbers in a shootout. local reports say that they were taliban members. the taliban vowed to disrupt the national election. 300,000 nato and afghan
more information with anonymous citizen tips to help us identify the other two individuals involved. >> police said that if anyone has information about what happened, they want you to give him a call. this morning, the victim is reported to be in fair and stable condition at the university of maryland shock trauma. we are told he is doing it a bit better. >> as police continue to look for the gunmen who opened fire at two people inside the inner harbor lights street pavilion, some are criticizing the police commissioner's aggressive approach to preventing violence. the commissioner is advocating a more direct approach to suspected gang members. not all are comfortable with this tactic. >> cops ought to know gang bangers when they see them, and some of these guys fly very overt, conspicuous signs or symbols to do that. when we see that, we should respond to it. we should engage. want them to go up and i wanted to say, "welcome to the harbor. don't act like a jerk. when you have a good time, but leave all the -- we want you to have a good time, but leave all of this gang stuff at hom
us on th phone. what are you hearing from your sources? >> what i've been hearing jives with what ed is saying. from administration and hill sources on the democratic side, that they are saying that they believe more and more that republicans -- lead republicans negotiating, negotiating for months, are not serious and are not as serious as they were about really having a robust bipartisan deal. that is because of comments they say that chuck grassley has made over the past couple of days suggesting he's not really in negotiations. he's just in talks and comments saying that if he can't get more than four republicans it's going to be tough. that plus comments from another senate republican just today, anderson, jon kyl, number two republican, with the idea any kind of health care reform at all. all thosatione taken together, signal they'll have to do this with democrats alone. republicans are saying democrats are using that as an excuse. maybe republicans are giving them one to try to push forward without them. >> ed henry if this is true and under consideration, it seems a far cry fr
's prescription for real health care reform. good to have you with us tonight. >> ed, tell us how you really feel about this? >> well, i feel it's time to fish or cut bait. i feel the republicans have staked their claim. no to public option, no to co-op, which i think is a joke any way, but when is the president going to realize the republicans aren't serious about reform, and i would like ewe to speak to that. >> act actually, let me say two things. i think the events of thf weekend were defining in the sengs that the republicans made it clear they have no interest in helping in any way to pass health care reform that's a pattern of theirs. they used it against bill clinton but they used it against barack obama. i don't think any voted for the stimulus bill in the house and maybe one or two in the senate. the president knows how to get big legislation passed the congress. although the american people would like bipartisanship, the republicans are not inclined to do that so we're on our own. that's a good thing. now we can get down to business of seriously drafting a bill that will work. this is
seen on a website a list of the top 15 academic publications used on presidencies. four of those top 15 volumes were either authored or edited by you. we're happy to have your experience at the table. i'm happy to have you as the moderator. thank you. >> thank you, russell. we're pleased to have this gathering here in the room and in the miller center web site and through c-span. this is a gathering similar to one we had last year which was also broadcast on c-span. the speech writers work last year. this year, scholars who of studied what they do and what their institutions have done over the years to talk about what it is like working on domestic policy in the white house. we have people here from the nixon administration through the second bush administration. there are four sessions altogether. this is one of them. you can see when the others will be available. our theme will be what happens in the transition from campaigning for president, making a number of promises and pledges, responding to domestic policy issues, and then after winning the election, or succeeding to the office,
? that is the question for the first half-hour. if you have called us in the last 30 days, send us an e-mail. or send us a twitter. here is the article we referred to in "the new york times." given harding republican opposition to congressional health-care proposals, democrats now say they see little chance of the minorities cooperation in improving and the over all and increasingly focused on drawing support for final plan from within their own ranks. top democrats say tuesday that there go it alone in view was being shaped by what they saw as republicans purposely strident tone against health care legislation during this month's congressional resource -- recess as well as remarks by leading republicans that current proposals were flawed beyond repair. we're going to find out what you think about that, a little bit more from the "the new york times" article. rahm emanuel, the white house chief of staff, said the heated opposition was evidence that republicans have made a political calculation to draw a line against any health care changes, the latest in a string of major administr
>> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will get to cover of extortion just a minute. this check the forecast first. -- will get to our big story in just a minute. first, let's check the forecast. >> it will be another hot and humid day outside. it will lead to some thunderstorms later on this afternoon and evening. we saw a little bit of that grain moving through last night. some of which were heavy at times. we will be expecting that again for later this afternoon. we are trying to clear out here in maryland, but there is still some patchy fog. there is moisture in the atmosphere. temperatures are holding out in the mid to upper 70's. it will be warm and humid with afternoon thunderstorms. let's check on traffic. >> it is going pretty good. we have a few incidences' to talk about. they are spread out all over our viewing area. a downed tree at harford wrote blocking both directions between factory road. we have some traffic lights out. that is out route to and ritchie highway. watch out for that. it could cause some problems. we will keep an eye out on that for you.
future votes. rebecca joins us with more. >> when barack obama was sworn in, he was enjoying the highest approval ratings of any incoming president. while he still faces challenges, polls show that health care debates are causing the biggest decline in his popularity. a new poll only shows only four in 10 things that president obama is doing a good job handling the health care issue. the approval rating showed a 69% of americans approved of the job he was doing. only 13% disapproved. today, 52% apove, 42% disapproved. >> i think that people don't light -- and don't like how much he wants government to do for us. >> those that do like the president say that health care is not easy to fix. >> he is taking on an awful lot of work to get done in a short period of time. >> he needs to be more up front and clear with people. a lot of people feel like they are missing that, not a really clear-cut message. he's to be more decisive. >> the biggest problem? people have grown disenchanted. >> the health-care issue is a matter of private business. it is not a right under the constitution. i am very
this afternoon they will be widespread. so most of us will be seeing the thunderstorm. looking at a high of 89 degrees. >>> let's check the roads with kim. >>> as we look at the outer loop of the beltway at liberty road, you can see traffic is moving along without problems. a little bit of building volume on both loops us a make your way towards the route 70 interchange. the beltway is mostly incident free, no problems to let you know about at the tunnels. glenarm, harford road closed in both directions, between long green pike and factory road because of downed trees and wires. in pasadena, ritchie highway at route 10, traffic lights not working, police and sign boards in the intersection guiding traffic there. the inner loop at harford road, that earlier accident remains blocking the right shoulder so just use caution. the jfx at cold spring lane -- actually, this is north avenue, and traffic is moving along without problems. back to you. >>> 6:01. how frustrating is this? the man knows it, county knows it, bge, fire department knows it, they all know it but it continues. linda so live with
and they are unable to use rate payer's money to fix hydrants on private property. but on nebraska these are public hydrants. they flow less than 500 gallons of water per minute. july 29th there was a fire at former school board president's home. look at the satellite image of the home i e reen and screen and it to the corawling land home ndse mplex. or the natiol atbyesprterian chch es church or the japanese embassy property or the nbc building. >> so why are these hydrants like this. they haven't given us an answer and suggested we call the fire department. the fire department points out there are some private hydrants at the department of homeland security and nbc. they haven't been tested yet. the fire department said some of the businesses have sprinklers. they recommended to increase the standard. instead of 1000 gallons per minute brought to a complex to this that they bring 2000 gallons per minute and be able to do it within 500 feet from the structure. that's far from the case on nebraska avenue on this half mile stretch. back to you. >> dave statter live in northwest, dc. thank you for th
. . >> are you encouraged by them reaching out to a prominent u.s. officials like this? reaching out for a meeting with bill richardson? >> again, you know, what we want to see it is we want to see them agreed to return to the six- party talks. i am not going to stand here and say this is somehow an indication that they're going to return. they just need to tell us they are. >> well, this could be -- don't you think it is a little hypocritical? >> you are not calling me hypocritical, are you? >> a month ago when those girls are in custody, everyone was saying that if they were released, this could give them the face-7 opportunity to come back to the talks and maybe they will reach out to a third party or something in the start to engage. you do not see this as a signal that north korea perhaps wants to engage? you do not see it as a signal at all? i find that hard to believe. >> i will not call it a negative signal. i will not call it a positive signal either. of course, we're pleased that the two young ladies were able to come back and be reunited with their families. >> former pres
in a crisis? the answers are painfully obvious. we must be like the man from pennsylvania. we must use the power to communicate and hold our leaders accountable. we must educate america. we must take america back. thank you very much. . . >> after the 2008 election, our friends on the left had some helpful advice for us. move to the left. it was similar to the advice after goldwater lost, after clinton won in 1992. the other team cheerfully advises us to stop talking about taxes, nobody cares about taxes and more. that reminds me of the scene late in committee were the bad guys as to the heroine, put down a gun and we will talk. [laughter] and that the hair -- and if the hero is a foolish, the movie goes on for 45 more minutes. [unintelligible] our coalition holds together because everybody here and everybody in washington, who becomes a tea party activists, are there around the table, for different reasons but they are all there because on the issue that news there but and that brings them to politics, they want one thing from the federal government, they want to be left alone. [appla
the heat. temperatures back up into the 90s. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. before the forecast though, if work, we are here to help you land that job. we have a panel of experts on hand this morning for inside tips on everything from getting your resume together, to what to wear to that all-important interview and how to make the most of your time when you meet a potential employer. the number to call is on your screen. it's 202-895-3307. again that number 202-589-3307. we're also holding a web chat on >>> and this morning d.c. public school students have less than a week before they head back to class. are the schools ready for the students? we'll get it all when school chancellor michelle rhee joins us in about 30 minutes. >>> and more on the controversy surrounding michael vick. after do time -- doing time for dogfighting, we'll get more insight on what is ahead for vick as we're joined by the humane society president and ceo in the 8:00 hour. >>> and we'll start by troping the -- tracking the tropics. and bill ha
are dead and u.s. forces there n only watch. >>> storm watch -- wild summer weather across the country including tornadoes and hurricane bill. now a category 4. where is it headed next? >>> and right off the bat -- finding common ground between immigrant kids and the cops who control their neighborhoods. >>> also tonight, remembering the pioneer behind one of the most popular tv programs ever. the pioneer behind one of the most popular tv programs ever. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. i'm lester holt in tonight for brian williams. as lots of americans enjoy some time off in these final weeks of summer, health officials are worrying tonight about what will greet them when they return in big numbers to classrooms and offices this fall. as scientists race to test and distribute a vaccine for swine flu, it may be a case of too little too late to head off an outbreak of the disease. and so today officials declared the american work place as the next line of defense. our chief medical editor dr. nancy snyderman is with us to explain.
will be fighting against us and i said, looks give them pepsi cola. for the first time i realized i was right. >> you said blue jeans would take down gore chef's children. you were right. we want you to vote today. a lot of things going on washington d.c. perhaps the greatest question facing us all today is mika's dress too busy? e-mail us. i like it i.'s festive. john ridley, whose wife is from hawaii likes it. >> she e-mails early saying how much she likes it. >> it worked in miami. >> well, yes. so i guess it did work very well in miami. but we're in new york. >> yeah, we're in new york. >> anyway -- >> this could be a challenge by the way for people with high definition televisions. >> it might give you a seizure. did you see barney frank last night. >> i did. >> wait until you see this clip at a town hall meeting, just name-calling, chewing out this woman. >> it's not as if the lady didn't deserve it. >> no. but his comeback was impressive, i'll tell you that. >> we have a new msnbc poll not pertaining to mika's dress. we'll talk about the challenge the president faces, a big one. here's
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